• Agency Collaboration
    Impossible deadlines, ridiculous rounds of revisions, we get it and we still love working with direct clients and their agencies. In fact, some of our best work had been done with agency collaboration. From major Asian campaign, to campaign-specific offering efforts, to simple translation and artwork production, we love the challenges and opportunities of these relationships.
  • Media Campaign
    If business wants to acquire their market share, the Asian market is an important part for crabbing simply because of the Asian population. There is a trend that Asian communities becomes self content with prosper Asian media up running. Language and culture difference are the barriers in communication with Asians. The best and cost effective way to get your message break through is Asiaworks job, because we are the credited and independent media house.
  • Entertainment
    Thanks to New Zealand as the paradise of living in the world, it draws so many Chinese youth to study here; it creates the market for Chinese film business, of course, the films are not limited to Chinese audience but everyone who love martial art type of film and Chinese culture. Marketing and promotion is very challenge due to the various contents and audience interests. Visual creative is critical, using Asian media and community network to leverage the maximum exposure of each film is also the power of Asiaworks implemented.
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Language Translation
Asian Media Management
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Radio Production
Motion Graphics
Event Management