Asiaworks is founded by Bo Li who has been working in advertising, marketing and cross-cultural communications industry for over 20 years. He is a well known New Zealand-based consultant on Chinese cultural and business practice.

Bo Li has a track record on initiating and leading many significant marketing projects, which include 2002 the first Chinese candidate political election campaign, the 2008 New Zealand General Election Asian Enrolment campaign, NZ Post lunar year stamp design started from 2009 the Year of the Ox through to the year of the Pig 2019, the Event Cinemas Asian marketing programme (since 2008), 2degrees Mobile Asian marketing, SKYCITY Asian market campaign, Spark Asian market campaign, BMW Asian media campaign, New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival campaign etc.

Asiaworks is the agency that offers one-stop shop service to help New Zealand businesses maximise their Asian market awareness by overcoming the cultural and language barriers through its expertise in the communications and the experience of marketing practice. Asiaworks provides its clients with their Asian market solutions, marketing strategies, market research, Asian media planning, creative design, language translation and public relation services to insure clients' business in the leading position in Asian market.

  • Bo Li

    Bo started his advertising career while he was in Beijing; After came to New Zealand in 1996, he worked for a branding and graphic design company where he got his very first local working experience.

    Since then, Bo has worked on many projects and campaigns from creative, media coverage to marketing strategy. He is dedicated in cross culture communication, creative and engaging communications that build brands.

    Recent years, he is actively working in the film industry, which includes running New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival since 2013 and help overseas film crew work in New Zealand for filmmaking.

  • Leo Liu

    Leo started his advertising career in Beijing, China, created and produced advertisements for number of national leading brands.

    In New Zealand, he has accumulated substantial marketing and advertising experiences from both Ad agency position and the marketing manager position. These experience enables Leo to analyze from both client and agency side with more perspectives and always concentrate on operability, effectiveness and results.

    Currently Leo is working with number of New Zealand leading brands, including SKYCITY, 2degrees and G. J. Gardner.
    Leo holds Massey University MBA degree and International Advertising Association (IAA) diploma.

    Leo is in charge of a group of clients service and offers clients updated information and solutions.

  • Susan Sun

    Susan has years working experience on taxation, finance and accounting service in China, she gained her high profile qualification in finance area.

    In New Zealand, she started her career in RNZB Foundation and carried out an international education service business in 2002 to 2005.

    Since then she had many years of advertising agency working experience to look after client finance count and agency business daily finance operation.

    Currently Susan is working on Asian media relations role to take care of Asiaworks media suppliers and liaison with Asiaworks account managers on projects, payment process and integration campaign and projects especially on Asian media campaign.

  • Milo Mi

    Milo diversify into the media industry since he was in the university, he worked for China Central Television as an trainee journalist, after graduated he worked in hometown TV station as a journalist, director and host for 3 years, his talk show 'Let's talk' gained national academy and provincial award during that time.

    Since by then, Milo joined Haier Company in Qingdao headquarters as an Operation Manager in computer division, he responds for the TV shopping where he leant his business knowledge and combined with his intelligence on media.

    Since he wanted to enhance himself and advance his education overseas, he choose New Zealand as his first choice, due to the FTA between China and New Zealand, which he believes that will influence both country either on economics & cultural diversities.

  • Jeremy Han

    Jeremy received his degree in New Zealand and started his career in 2002. He has been working with cross culture agencies for many years.

    Since then he has demonstrated culture understanding and business development capability in his work, as a business development manager, he also developed and extended his knowledge in press production area and online interactive exercise which added the value to his portfolio.

    Outdoor signage, billboards is another area that Jeremy is good at, that gives him space to keep growing.

  • Frank Zhu

    Graduated from Unitec institute of technology in 2015 with a Bachelor of Graphic Design and animation degree. He design website and create compelling graphics and visual solutions for various business and organizations. Based in Auckland.

    Frank have a passionate about graphic creativity. He has a wide range of skills from digital, print and design, vision and ambition for high quality work. His unique brand of constructive, peer criticism and tendency to deprecate his own designs make his a beloved member of the Asiaworks team.

    He was born in Shanghai. He likes to travel all around the world to experience the different cultures with people from other countries. That's the reason He loves to stay in New Zealand.

Bo Li
Managing Director
Specialise in marketing and communications, art direction and online business.
Leo Liu
Account Director
Specialise in client service, story board for TVC, VO conduction and production.
Susan Sun
Business integration, finance and Asian media relations.
Milo Mi
Blog Writer
Specialise in social media.
Jeremy Han
Business Developer
Specialise in business development and production management.
Heng Zhu
Graphic Designer
Specialise in Branding, Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration, and Video Production.